Facilities, Equipment & Techniques in Chapel Hill NC

Chiropractic Chapel Hill NC Facilities

At Carolina Spine Specialists our chiropractors in Chapel Hill NC realize everyone has different health concerns and care needs on any given day.

List of techniques, specialties, etc.

A diversified approach to individualized care IN CHATHAM COUNTY

We pride ourselves in having a diverse range of treatment options when providing chiropractic care we have the best tools available and several doctors so that we can provide our patients with the perfect fit of doctor, technique and treatment plan.

For our acute patients, we have several modalities designed to relieve your pain. Aside from several different chiropractic-specific tables, we also employ therapies and equipment such as; muscle stim units, ultrasound, intersegmental tables, Class IV laser, MyACT Shockwave and Spinal Decompression.

Our doctors are diversified in their approaches and practice style and are skilled in numerous adjusting techniques as well as the Activator.